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    CUPS technology originally developed at Columbia University for internal use is now a licensed product, and we are excited to offer it to your organization. Chose CUPS for standardizing your provider directory and much more.

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    CUPS solution is being used by major hospitals, medical centers, universities and global organizations, and we are confident that it will work for your company.
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    We have worked together for over a decade with various organizational content types, CMS systems, applications and website technologies.

We are proud to be part of Columbia University Start-ups

Customer Testimonial

Our organization had been looking for a long time for a company to help us design the perfect directory listing for our members. CUPSTEC took our membership directory “wish list” and created exactly what we wanted at a very fair price. Now our directory is more user-friendly, and our members love it, which has helped us to increase our membership. We also found a significant increase in traffic on our website once we launched the directory. Also, CUPSTEC customer service is beyond excellent. No matter how big or how small I would highly recommend CUPSTEC to anyone needing a content management system.

ICCMO, members.iccmo.org

Why Choose CUPS

CUPS technology is an affordable easy-to-use cloud based content management system (service) - that makes it easier for any size business to distribute organizational content across its web properties, vendors, systems of record and desktop or mobile applications.

Use CUPS as a Directory Listing
A directory listing is a simple alphabetical arrangement of your employee or member names in alphabetical order with as many details or data attributes as you wish to display.
Use CUPS as a Profile System
This is a detailed extended representation of each employee or member in a form of individual pages. These pages usually consist of additional set of attributes from what is displayed on the directory listing.
Use CUPS as a Search Engine
This is a search form or collection of forms that allows your website visitors to locate employees or members by name or other attributes. A search results page is displayed with matches based on provided search criteria.
Use CUPS as an Intranet Site
If you wish to keep some areas private, this allows you to keep some of the functionalities and attributes only accessible by your members or staff.

No upfront and no maintenance costs

  • no setup fees, we take care of the initial setup
  • no maintenance fees

How it Works

CUPSTEC Work Flow Diagram. How CUPSTEC works.

CUPS Benefits

We packaged the most convenient options and innovative features of modern CMSs into one unique experience.

Content Editing

Simple profile editing interface, easy-to-use content sharing, straightforward content formatting, dynamic content updates delivery, content growth, data model evolution, and SEO.

Content Security

HTTPS traffic security, reCAPTCHA enabled, periodic scheduled data backups and recovery, SiteLock web security scanning, PCI scanning and compliance, and Spam Expert protection.

Customer Service

Ongoing support and customer service, training, clear concise documentation, content writing assistance, reliable timely bug fixes, and simple issue reporting with quick turnaround.